An Unbiased Impressions of the OnePlus 9R


When OnePlus 9R last year in April this year, the phone was surprisingly priced at just Rs 29,999. The 9R now is well equipped, packs a competitive price, and is therefore well proclaimed as a premier killer. The best thing about this phone is that it’s been discounted from its original price by more than a hundred percent. The discount brings the price down from its original price by over fifty percent, making the phone a must-have.

Apart from the stunning looks of the handset, the good looks extend to its features as well. The best thing about the One: Oozing functionality and ease of use, it serves all your communication needs without giving you a headache. It comes loaded with features like: -built-in GPS -5.etooth compatibility -Front and rear cameras for taking quality images -built-in speakerphone -qwerty keyboard -No external antenna required and no clutter -water resistant to IP 70 – stamina boost, quick charge and battery life -screen-scrolling support -car dock connector -micro USB charging port -ota support and many more. In short, this phone offers you the things one should love to have on a smartphone. OnePlus 9R

The oneplus 9R comes with a power saving mode which conserves the battery power to ensure that you don’t face any battery problems in real world conditions. This allows you to make calls, play games and do all the usual functions of a smartphone, without your phone dying away in mid-mission. The processor is made by Samsung and the chipset comes with an impressive collection of features. The chipset is the brain behind everything.

If you go into the OxygenOS 4.2 build of this device, there are some important features missing but the ones that are there make the smartphone a great choice for everyone. First of all, it has no flash, so everything you see is pure and authentic Android. Also, it has no superfluous data storage facilities and no unnecessary bloat. You also get a built-in image manager which makes it easy for you to customize the wallpaper, locks and also the icons on the status bar. There is no need to fiddle around with complex bootloaders.

The most unique aspect of this smartphone is the dual image support which was added along with the upgraded memory size. There is a 2x optical zoom in the camera which is definitely enough for professional photographers. Apart from that, there is also an impressive shooting ability. To add to that, the oneplus 9r also supports the latest standard of the mobile industry, the 120hz refresh rate.

The oneplus 9r has got the facility of a solid body and a huge screen which makes it very convenient for everyone. With the powerful octa-core processor at its back, you can expect smooth and speedy performance from your smartphone. The multi-camera facility is also impressive and provides you with a number of imaging options like, cropping, panoramic and panasonic. This handset has got the facility of a powerful camera which has got the facility of a large fuction screen and a dual pixel, high brightness, LUXury White color sensor.

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