Realme GT Master Edition Review


The Realme GT Master Edition is one of the newest handsets to come from Realme lMobile, the manufacturer of popular mobile phones like the LG Optimus and Nokia Ignite series. The phone looks like a lot of the high-end handsets you can find in the market, but with a price that is really affordable. The Realme GT is an enhanced version of the already excellent Realme GT Plus phone. As is the case with many of the mobile phones out there, the phone offers some features for added protection and security but also comes with plenty of features for entertainment. What exactly do you get when you buy the Realme GT?

Let’s first talk about what you get when you buy the Realme GT Master Edition, which is basically a powerful smartphone. The Realme GT Master Edition comes with a 6.55 inch, capacitive, touchscreen screen, a Qualcomm Tegra 8080 processor, either quad-core or dual-core, a dual-band GSM/GPRS, and a four-megapixel, laser-assisted portrait mode camera. In the camera department, you have a two-megapixel, laser-assisted image sensor with auto focus and image stabilization. There is also a front-facing, monochrome, HD (12.2-inch) LED-touch screen. On the back is an 50MP main cam, a 16 MP wide-angle lens, a pair of mono LED flash units, an eight-hour battery, up to sixteen channels of external audio with another pair for Bluetooth, and a built-in barcode scanner. realme gt master edition

Some of the other features on this phone are a sixteen-character manual, two-way voice dialing, notification LED, fingerprint scanner, barcode scanner, proximity sensor, dual LED flashlight, phone call timer, voice dialing, calendar, compass, clock, contact management, MMS, fast ringtone, vibrate alert, heart rate monitor, microprocessor, dedicated VoIP adapter, USB cable, Wi-Fi, voice calling, data plan, data backup, and memory card slot. It does not come with a mobile broadband provider (voice & data services may be costly). It comes with a limited warranty. If after the warranty period you decide to return it, there are no refund policies. It should be noted that the Realme GT Master Edition is different from the other Realme smartphones as some of its features differ.

The fukasawa company, the manufacturer of real gt master edition, has produced an excellent range of phones which compete with some of the high-end offerings from Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and others. There is a lot of competition in the mid-range to low-budget segment where price is a major factor. The Realme range offers a lot of value for money, which makes it ideal for people who do not wish to spend a lot of money on a handset. Some of the attractive features of the Realme range include attractive looks and an intuitive user interface which makes it easy for people to navigate through their phones. The Realme range also features some great value add features such as a motion sensor, which helps prevent accidental calls, a high-definition camera with image stabilization, a front-facing camera with a flash, and a large 3-megapixel camera with image stabilization.

The realme gt master edition also features a very compact design which is suitable for anyone who is looking for a simple and sleek handset which can be carried anywhere. The body of the Realme GT is made from a mix of plastic and silicone, which offers good protection to the unit but also offers a neat, refined finish. The two cameras are placed at the front and back of the phone and this gives it a sporty, dynamic appearance. The faux leather finish has been enhanced by the addition of a self-adhesive sticker which provides a great looking effect around the lens of the camera.

The Realme GT is another great mid-range smartphone offering from Nokia with excellent looks. The powerful imaging specs help to make it one of the most desirable smartphones available in today’s market and although it does not have all of the extras that its higher spec competitors do, it is still an excellent smartphone offering a robust multimedia experience. The Realme GT master edition has a large 4.2-inch diagonal display, which is easily the biggest of any smartphone on the market. It has a very crisp display which is capable of displaying bright and vivid colors as well as clear text. This impressive display offers good viewing experiences, whether you are watching TV or using the phone to play games and enjoy the media.

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