The Right Dog Breeder

There are many different avenues to explore once you’ve decided to buy a dog. Shelters and dog pounds have many great dogs and puppies available for adoption and you can find both mixed breeds and pure bred dogs. You can find purebred dogs with papers in shelters. You can also buy a dog at a pet shop and you will also find mixed breeds and purebreds in most pet shops. A third way to get a dog is to go to a breeder, but before doing so, it’s advisable to research the subject so you can know what to look for in a reputable dog breeder.

If you decide to buy from a breeder, don’t assume that all breeders are honest as they aren’t. Just because someone decides to breed dogs for a living doesn’t automatically make them a dog lover. Some unscrupulous breeders wouldn’t think twice about breeding stock from inappropriate parents just to make a quick buck. Disreputable breeders don’t screen their breeding stock for potentially tragic hereditary conditions that can manifest themselves in future litters and they don’t take the time to properly care for their dogs or socialized them. They may not even vaccinate their pups which could result in unsuspecting customers taking home an adorable pup only to discover it is fatally ill. Puppy Breeders Calhan Colorado

Before buying a dog from a breeder you should take the time to ask a few questions. Ask around to see what the breeder’s reputation is in the area and try to get a list of past customers to contact and enquire about their experience with the breeder. You shouldn’t be embarrassed to interview the breeder to see if they are knowledgeable and honest. Here are a few things you should be aware of when considering buying from a breeder:

1. Have the puppies been socialized?

Puppies that aren’t exposed to humans or that haven’t been handled by the age of 16 weeks will remain fearful of humans throughout their lives. They will always shy from new situations and people and it will be very hard to bring them out of their proverbial shell so these pups are best avoided. Puppies that haven’t been properly socialized will grow up to be very fearful dogs that may never adapt well to new situations. A car ride will scare them, they will be afraid of interacting with dogs as well as humans and they will always lack self confidence.

A reputable breeder will stress the importance of early socialization and he will describe how he socializes his pups and give you some advice about how to socialize your new puppy further. Many dog breeders make it a point to raise their young pups in a home environment to ensure they are housetrained and well behaved in a home environment.



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