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Hi. I am an Aries. I am not one to completely live by the astrological stories, statements and beliefs. I have however discovered over time that much of it seems to be true. Have you ever looked back at all your relationships you have had and remembered their signs? You might find that most of the ones you dated fell into the realms of whom you were supposed to be attracted to. (Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini and Aquarius) Sure…We all have strayed from them a time or two…but how did those work out? When single or single-minded; have you ever felt like a hunter? We always run out to prove something. We love to chase but love it even more when have conquered and get them to chase us. It fills our pride and builds are esteem up higher so we can walk a little taller.

Have you ever walked around a busy place and took notice of how many looks you get? Many people think we are egotistical and self-centered. Of course as Aries; we are always right and willing to argue about it. When we do finally find someone who is worth our time and proves interesting…We strike! Unfortunately, after conquering the prey(mate) proves to be uninteresting and boring with old routine….we are ready to move on. The variety, spice and challenge has to remain. The worst part is that we are some difficult creatures. We want to have someone to love, admire, respect and care for us. Then we want time alone to do whatever our thing is. We usually want this when it is convenient for us and not on their terms. This usually ends up in conflict because we are miserable when we have to settle just to keep the peace. cancer horoscope

We are very impatient and if not entertained will either look elsewhere for something better or slowly attack and cause the relationship to erode. I know you are thinking that a lot of this sounds negative but I am saving the best for last. As an Aries we love a good challenge. We are go getters! We love sports…maybe not all but at least something athletic and challenging. To name a few would be people like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Marlon Brando, Jackie Chan, Jennifer Capriati, Russel Crowe, Joan Crawford, Lady GaGa, Danica Patrick and Tom Clancy.

We can really be successful if we apply ourselves to something we really excel at. Careers like police officers, military, rescue workers, sales, advertising, politics and public relations. As for relationships we bring a lot to the table. You just simply have to meet your match if you haven’t done that already. We offer deep affections both emotionally and physically. We are forever faithful however tend to be flirts without any intentions. So many times is this misread and causes many arguments. If you simply just let an Aries be an Aries…All will go well.

We provide no better security and protection like no other. We can be a bit controlling however but that is only to remind those who question whom is the mighty King. 🙂 We do love a challenge…and like it to be consistent and not fade away over time. We do not like people who bitchy, nagging or whom push our limits. Simply put…We like to argue and debate from time to time but that does not mean fight if you can differentiate the two. We love surprises but not ones that throw off our timely manners. Although we are very impatient, we are always prompt. Want to piss off an Aries? Show up late…. Over time I have learned more and more about who I am and what it is to be an Aries. I even decided to start my own website AriesRule.com in order to put it all together and perhaps help each other figure out more on who we are. All in all, we are good people simply trying to get the best out of life and not miss out on the world’s greatest adventures.


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